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Playr is an experimental single-page audio player app built with the modern web, with focus on experience and performance.

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●Live Project Web

A simple, keyboard-driven web application, with the aim of writing quitely. It has a layout of just a title, and a content section.

Some of the app’s features:

  • An integrated audio player is available, that offers an optional sound to hear while writing.
  • A very lite notification system, that only shows for shortcut feedback when necessary.
  • The app automatically saves what’s been typed momentarily, for emergencies.
  • The app also saves the exact caret and scroll positions, so you can safely close the app anytime and get back to where you left off when you’re ready.
  • It can also save the content to the local machine as a text file, or open any text file to complete from.
  • Support for typographic conversions from “...” to ellipses, and also from “"” to the corresponding character. There’s also support for writing en- and em-dashes.
  • Automatic writing direction detection (RTL/LTR) on all browsers.
  • Changing title and content fonts separately to any font on the local machine.
  • Changing font size, changing writing area dimensions, text justification, light theme, and some more...

I really enjoyed working on it. The app supports writing in both RTL and LTR, but the interface is currently available only in Arabic.

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Glow for PotPlayer

●Live Skin Desktop

Started as a concept, this is a media player skin for PotPlayer.

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●Live Web

A home page for my personal website.

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Portfolio Page

●Live Web

This portfolio page is made from scratch without any use of CMS's or plugins. Just plain HTML/CSS/Javascript classic combination.